"I love your cupcakes!  I usually take the frosting off cupcakes, but your frosting is so good and the cupcakes are so moist."  Diane

"I like all of your cupcakes I have tasted, but the lemon filled are definitely my favorite."  Nicole

"I don't know how you get your cupcakes so moist. I hate it when you get a cupcake and there is no saliva left in your mouth after you eat it because it's so dry.  I don't have that problem with yours."  Aaron

"My wife and I were really happy with our anniversary cake.  And the cake was really good." Danny

"OMG my son loved the cheesecakes you did for his graduation.  We liked them all, but the cherry swirl was our favorite."  Jenny

"Thank you for doing the cupcakes for my mom's birthday.  They were the hit of the party."  Jenna

"Mama, are those cupcakes for here or for work?  For work??!  We wanted some cupcakes. Why do they get all the good stuff?"  Anthony  (Believe me, he gets plenty of baked goods.  LOL  Gotta love your kids.)

"You are going to fall in love with Anthony's mom's cupcakes.  She is the best cupcake baker."  Shelby

"When I get some money, I am going to buy some cupcakes from you.  These are so good... can I have some more?"  Nick (Anthony's friend)

"When are you bringing some more of those pastries to work... I love when you bring pastries."  Gabby  (She is referring to any baked goods.  She is a lovely Hispanic lady.  I just love Gabby, she cracks me up.)