Monday, September 26, 2011

After the taste testing...

Well, the taste testing party was on Saturday.  It was a lot of work leading up to it.  We made 7 cocktail varieties which included:

rum & coke
strawberry margarita
long island tea
black russian
lemon slap
strawberry daiquiri

and 3 non cocktail:

pina' colada
chocolate peanut butter
lemon strawberry

I have to say that it was a fun time!!!  We enjoyed having everyone come out and taste and rate our cupcakes.  In my opinion, it was a huge success.

We got a lot of great feedback, some suggestions, and some orders. The consensus was that all of the cupcakes were delish!  People of course had their favorites.  I would say the hits of the night were chocolate peanut butter, lemon slap, black russian and lemon strawberry. 

We definitely know what our signature cupcake will be, and that is the chocolate peanut butter.  We have yet to meet anyone that didn't love those. 

We took some rum screwdriver cupcakes to an event a few weeks ago and those were a hit as well.  So... we will continue on to perfect the ones we got suggestions on, and to come up with some new ideas.  We love it when people order something that they can't get anywhere else.  It gives us the opportunity to experiement with something new, which is always a treat for us. :)

Well, my lunch break is over. I will post more later.  I plan to update the home page and post our prices and stuff like that.  Until then.... happy cupcaking!!!